Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Relay For Life 2011

Another successful year for our relay team.   We were able to raise over 5,000.00. Over the last seven years we have raised over 5,000.00 (gold) or 2,500.00 (silver).... not bad for a team of less than 15 members. That's our team leader Doris next to the tent.
This year the theme was "Relaying around the World."  We each picked a nationality to represent, being my father was born in Switzerland, that was the country I picked. I even had a cow bell from Switzerland that a team member brought me.
As usual we all had a great time and had a lot of support from friends that came out to help us walk the track. One of our church members came out and did forty laps around the the track, another one brought us pizza at about 11 pm and ran 8 miles on the track for us.  We had to have someone on the   track for the full 24 hours...........it gets cold at about 4 am.  We had a fire pit and played card games most of the night.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finally able to load pictures!

I haven't been blogging lately but it was because I haven't tried.  I just could not get my pictures to upload.........finally my son came over and don't ask me what he did but as you can see here are some of my pictures taken from Memorial Day. 
Our church family decided to put a float in the village parade.  We've been in the parade before but never really decorated a float.  We decided to make a window in the same shape as our church window, only decorate it with red, white, and blue tissue flowers. 
For the center of the float we had a sign that could be read on both sides. They gave their tomorrows for our todays.  Their sacrific will never be forgotten. Very heart warming.
We also posted the names of veterans (past and present) from our church around the perimeter of the float.
We put a cross with flowers and flags on the back.  My son pulled it with his tractor.  Fourteen of us rode on it.  We recieved many compliments for the hard work we all put into it.  It was a great success. Several of us got together the Sat. before and spent nine hours putting it together.

We have a really great church family.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gearing Up for "Relay For Life"

I belong to a church based Relay for Life team.  We are a group of ladies that get together to give support and fund raise for the American Cancer Society.  Our main event is usually the second week of July at a nearby high school track.  We camp out overnight and walk the track for 24 hours.  There are different activities going on throughout the 24 hour event.  Each year is a different theme; this year is "Around The World".  We donate approx 4,000.00 a year. Acouple years ago the theme was "At The Movies".  Now what better movie could we have picked, other than "Calendar Girls".  We struggled with our choice and even ran it past our minister. We were glad that we went through with it because it turned out to be such a HOOT!  We did a calendar!  That's me on the far right.  We positioned ourselves behind quilts, pot and pans, knitting baskets, flowers, etc.  We ended up on the front page of the local paper and interviewed by the local news. 
One year the theme was "On the Farm".  We turned our tent into a hen house.  We had chicken cages and each of us brought a ceramic or fake chicken to put in the cages.  We made chicken costumes out of bright yellow fluffy material, boy were we glad to get them off after the parade.   Another year the theme was "At The Circus".  To be different we all dressed up like boxes of circus food. 
I'm the bag of circus peanuts on the left. It actually had Styrofoam peanuts in it.    We designed and made all the costumes ourselves.                     Every year we start out wondering WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?                                         As you can see we always come up with something and have usually gotten a trophy for having the most spirit.  I know we have fun!                                                                              
We also had the theme of " County Fair" one year.  Because of the fun we had had with the first Calendar we decided to do another one.  This time it would have the county fair theme.  We had poised with pies, cows, bunnies, chicken even goats. I was March in the calendar and positioned myself behind a basket of chicks.  I also did the pictures with the help of Photo Explosion.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just another Birthday!!

Last Sat was my birthday........I really hate the thought of getting older but it is closer to retirement.  And what is it they say, the 60's are the new 50's.  My son took us out to dinner.  Captain Morgan decided to join us and we  had a really nice time. My dear daughter sent me a lovely birthday card which brought tears to my eyes, and she also called.  She wasn't able to make it to dinner because of her job. I really got my birthday present earlier this month.  I've been wanting one of those terra-cotta rain barrels that you can plant flowers in the top but gather the rain for your garden.  It's alittle more upscale then those old wooden rainbarrels I grew up with.  It's in the gargage because we still may get snow later this week.......
as soon as I'm able to put it out I'll be posting a picture of it.  I also got these......(my dear mother always got me a cake, now that she's gone my husband has taken over)...only this year instead of a cake he came home with cupcakes.  Very sweet. It was a really nice birthday!  Thanks everyone.

I've been going through my sewing room, over the years I've accumulate tooo much stuff!..  I want to downsize and instead of having so many different type of crafts and alot of UFO's I will concentrate on wool and candle mats.  I have been selling and giving alot of material and books away.  I have a few quilter friends that just can't believe their fortune.  I did run across an UFO that I'm am planning on finishing.  It will be for my daughter, someday. It is a cathedral window quilt.  I've decided to set it out where I can see it, and easily pick it up even if it's just for a few stitches.  Here's what is done.......now that I've shown it, I will feel more responsible to finish it.  I plan on showing the progress  until it is finished.

I have also been working on some designs for my candle mats.   I don't feel very creative when it comes to designing for summer.  I have plenty of ideas for fall and winter.  I believe it's never to early to start working on Fall and Christmas projects......seems like right after the fourth it's almost too late.  Bittersweet and Rose hips are on my mind as I start working on this next project.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not all Shalimar is equal!!!!

I just came to an expensive realization that the perfume Shalimar has different scents.  Now I've been using Shalimar for about 35 years and didn't know this.  OK well it was time to get a new bottle so I usually pick one up at Macy's or Drug Mart.  Drug Mart didn't have the sprays that I usually get so I ordered one off E-bay.  A vintage cologne spray..........what a horrid scent, like burning tires....okay maybe that what I get for trusting E-bay.   The Shalimar that I know and love (I hear either you love it or hate it) has a fresh lemon scent.  Well guess I'll stop at Walgreens, to lazy to drive to the mall.  So I brought 2.5 fl oz eau de cologne spray.  As soon as I got home I opened and sprayed.......guess what ...burning tires!!!!!  What was going on, had Guerlain changed the scent will I ever get my Shalimar that I love?  I've got 90.00 dollars tied up in perfumes I hate! 
Whenever I need to know something I always google it.  Well I found out some interesting facts about Shalimar.
Shalimar was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925, as a tribute to the legendary love story between Emperor SHAHJAHAN and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Before he became emperor his name was Prince Khurram. According to the legend, twenty- year-old Prince Khurram met a young girl, named Arjumand Banu at the bazaar where her family worked. Mesmerized by her beauty, after becoming emperor, he made her his wife as Mumtaz Mahal, meaning the "Jewel of the Palace". After the wedding ,the prince and Mumtaz were inseparable, in war and in peace. She had given 13 children to Shahjahan and died during the birth of their 14th child at the age of 39. Her death devastated Shah Jahan and had built Taj Mahal in memory of his wife and their undying love. Shalimar is named after ‘The Gardens of Shalimar’.It was Mumtaz’s favorite garden. Shalimar is one of the best selling perfumes ever and its magic is undeniable. Perfume is composed of citrus notes; lemon and bergamot, jasmine, may rose, opoponax, Tonka bean, vanilla, iris, Peru balsam and gray amber. Coolness of the citrus notes leads to floral heart ending with a warm and luxurious trail.   I also found it to be listed as EDC, EDP and EDT.  What's that about?   So off I went to Macy's on Saturday morning, where I found out more information.  EDC is Eau De Cologne,  EDP is Eau De Parfum and EDT is Eau De Toilette.  I guess I had always bought the same kind over the years, as I needed the EDT and had bought two of the EDC's.  I was given samples of each.  I was so glad to smell the lemon scented one yippee I found it and my worst nightmare wasn't true.......worried that it had been changed.  Another 74.00 dollars in pursuit of my happiness.  So last night I listed the two colognes on E-bay to try to recoup a few dollars.  I just can't believe this didn't happen sooner. 
I also still have my Easter candle mat listed and it isn't doing as well as I expected.  If it doesn't sell today I will probably wait a week or two before relisting.  I have sold a few of the patterns.  Spring and summer are slow times.  Fall and Christmas are the busy times, which I am starting to design a few fall patterns now.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Spring Fling" Pattern ready

Well I'm about tired of this winter.  We got hit last Friday.  Lucky to have our son come over to plow us out.  He took the day off from work and had to come over twice to plow. We have a very long driveway so there is no way that we could have shoveled our way out.  He lives around the block from us so he just drives his tractor over.  He's a good kid.   

 So, it was a great time to finish my "Spring Fling" pattern.  I really think it turned out cute.  I will be listing the finished candle mat today on ebay along with the pattern.  Easter is really late this year so that gives everyone extra time to make this mat. 

Here's a picture of my spring candle mat as I was working on it last Friday..  Just have to get the two layers of backing on.  I love the flowers......sooo springy...just what I needed to look at.    This is my own krafty rose design.  Please feel free to e-mail with any questions at rdl19x2@gmail.com
Oh, and my just add ice orchid is doing great  It has eight blossoms now.  Isn't it beautiful.  Another distraction from the long cold winter.  Have a good day and know that Spring is just around the corner.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let's get started

Time to start my spring penny rug /candle mat. First thing I needed to do was dye some of my felted wool pink. So out came my dye pot. I keep this pot just for dying wool. Opps I don't have any pink dye. I usually use the powdered Rit dyes. I do have some Scarlett Red. Let see if it will work. I really don't want to run out to the store. Maybe if I put just a little (approx 1 teaspoon) in the hot water. I took a small test strip; dunked it in and pulled it out almost as fast as it went in. See the little piece of pink wool on the wooden spoon. In went the larger piece of wool and right back out. Rinsed with cold water and put in the dryer. This is the part to be careful of. I don't want the dryer to shrink it too much so about 20 minutes into drying I take it out and put it over my tub to finish drying. I've had very very small pieces come out of the dryer. I 've learned to get them out before they are completely dry and let them air dry over nite. Perfect!!!!

So while my pink wool is drying I will be tracing and cutting out some of my pattern pieces. I trace my pattern onto freezer paper. With a dry iron I press the freezer paper to the wool making sure the shiny side is down. I use small scissors to cut out the smaller pieces. The small scissors make it easier to cut around curves.

I almost have the pattern finished and ready for print. The only thing left is to get the candle mat done so that I can get a good picture for the front page of the pattern. I will also be auctioning the finish candle mat on e-bay It should be ready for listing a week from tomorrow. So check back later to see how the candle mat is progressing.

For some reason I have lost some my pictures for this posting.  I guess I need a class in how to post pictures..I have always had problems posting pictures.  I give up!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Fling

Well, I spent the day starting to get my supplies ready for my next candle mat.  It will be a spring mat with  white bunnies and pastel flowers.  For some reason I want to call it Spring Fling. I first have to make a trip to the fabric store for some white felt wool. I will bring it home and dye it pink. I may have to dye some for the pastal flowers also.  I will take pictures and post them as I go along.  I have a picture of one like it on my Feb 7, 2010 post.  The new one will have more flowers on it.

We went out to eat last Sat. with a club that my husband belongs to.  It was very nice and we enjoyed the company.  The room was cold but the prime rib was good.  Guess that lets him off the hook for Valentines Day.  He has a meeting tonite so I get to watch the bachelor without hearing him tell me what a dumb show it is.

Hope to post later this week with updates on the candle mat.  HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY everyone.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great Big Home and Garden Expo

It's that time to start thinking about spring cause winter is just toooo long!!!   So off we went to the Home and Garden show in Cleveland.   This year's show feature was a million   dollar home.  I wasn't that impressed with the home.  It was only two bedroom and the smaller bath looked like it hadn't been finished. 

What did impress me was the aquarium in the entrance and the swimming pool.  That's a star fish in the upper left side of the aquarium.  My husband commented on the pool "Is it for swimming or for looking at."  Not sure if I would want to swim in a pool with a fire in the middle of it. Plus it has arcing water spouts from several sides of the pool.  The home also had an elevator in it and multiple fire places.  It was powered by solar energy.

One of the venders was selling these rock/wire ducks and had them placed under the indoor ferris wheel.  I didn't get a chance to stop at the booth cause there were too many people around it.  Guess that vendor had a good day selling.  They are quite darling
On to the gardens we went.  They weren't quite as flowery as in the past.  The one garden that impressed me the most was the "Alice in Wonderland" garden .  We also saw a area with sculptures made out of metal, wood and stone.  We were surprised that the artist that worked with the metal sculptures remembered us.  Our children had attended the same school.  It was nice to see him and his work. 
So after being inside for five plus hours, seeing and smelling all the flowers and  gearing up for spring and summer projects this was what we had to travel home in.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More snow!!!!

The weather service has predicted more snow and ice tonite.  Maybe I won't be able to make it to work tomorrow.  My years of experience has taught me that it is not worth the effort to try to get to work when the roads are bad.  I remember many years ago trying to get into work during an ice storm, going off the side of the road, not being able to get back onto the road for at least a hour, getting to work late........only to come out to my car after work to find someone had ran into the back of it, left damage but no note.   Winter is tolerable if you can just sit in your warm home and enjoy the beauty of it. Hopefully the weather service will be wrong again! 

My candle mat sold on e-bay last Sunday........and for more than I had listed it for.  Yippee.  I haven't sold any patterns yet, but have had a few lookers.  I will soon be putting together another one of my designs.  An Easter candle mat and I will show some pictures of it.  It has a bunny on it......my husband told me that this is the year of the rabbit so it seems appropriate.. maybe lucky.  The pattern and finished mat will also be listed on e-bay.  So stop back to see how it's going.

My just add ice orchid had its first bloom since I rescued it,  and six more possible.  That will give it ten blossoms total.  Guess it likes living with me.  I have it in a great room with large windows and a southern exposure.  Summer may be too warm for it.  I will get more pictures of it as the blossoms open. Many of the stores have them available for Valentine's day. 

Have a great day, stay warm and safe.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Ready

My first pattern is printed, packaged and ready to go.  Hopefully this will be my first of many.   I am preparing myself for retirement by moving on to something I enjoy, will keep me busy and also reward me with a little income.   I have several years yet to go before I can retire but it's never to early to plan for the future.  I have a favorite blog that I follow faithfully, the lady has sooo much creativity and has inspired me to try do the same. 

Well my candle mat I listed on E-bay didn't sell.  I had many viewers and several watcher's but no one bought.  I have  relisted with another picture.  I also changed the time that the auction will end.  In the past I always listed on Sun.  and sold alot, but for some reason, probably because I was up early last Sat morn.  that's when I listed........crazy me  who is gonna be up early to bid on an auction that they might be interested in.   Especially on a Sat morn.  Oh well live and learn and we'll see how it goes this week.

I bought a Just add  ice orchid at Walmart after Christmas.  It was half price.  I think I paid 6.00 for it and it only had three blosoms.  Poor thing was in bad shape.  It is called Just add  ice orchid because you water it by adding three ice cubes to it every week.  They have a web site that e-mails me to remind me to water or should i say ice it every week.   I have had it probably three weeks and it has six more blooms ready to open.  It is thriving and I'm thrilled. 

I don't have to work tomorrow, I just love having Mondays off.  It makes Sunday so much more enjoyable.  I have time to list my patterns on ebay and try to figure out how to sell them on my blog tomorrow. Stay warm and good nite.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost ready

Yippee. I almost have my first pattern put together and ready to list.   I have to take a really nice picture for the front of the pattern and make copies of the sheet that shows all the design pieces.  I also got "My Valentine" candle mat up for auction on e-bay last Sat. and it seems to be doing good.  Quite a few viewers and a acouple watcher's.
I'm also very happy to have a four day weekend coming up.  I worked from 7am til 10pm tonite so i quite deserve the time off.  Plus I got to go out to a snow and ice covered car...........sometimes I hate winter. We are expected to have a very cold weekend, so I plan on staying in and staying warm.   Hopefully I'll get my patterns done.

Happy weekend to everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"My Valentine" Tutorial (2)

I have now placed the roses on the the white hearts using the bullion stitch.  The small red hearts are sewn onto the left side of the the white hearts using small white pearl beads. These are now blanket stitched to the pink hearts.
These hearts are now lined up on the dark red scalloped background, making sure the "V" line up and that the points at the bottom of the hearts align with each other.  I sew these on two at a time across from each other.
After getting all the hearts sewn onto the dark red background I position and blanket stitch it onto a white scalloped background. I placed pins onto the white scallops to alert me to the placement of the background white.  To finish the candle mat I then blanket stitch another white backing on.  This makes it a nice thick candle mat. This candle mat measures 15 inches
My darn camera.  The true color of the candle mat is in the last photo.  I'm hoping to be able to offer the pattern next week and I will probably be placing this candle mat on E-bay over the weekend.  Take care and stay warm!

Monday, January 10, 2011

"My Valentine" Tutorial (1)

First things first.  Finding or buying the wool.  I went to Jo Ann Fabric for my material.  They carry 20 and 30 percent wool blends. You can also use 100 per cent wool if you chose.  I bought two yards of white and two yards of red. I have enough of the pink in my stash from previous candle mats. I previously had to dye the wool to obtain the pink because Jo Ann Fabric doesn't carry pink.
After getting home I felted the wool. 

Felting the wool means that I put in the washer with hot water and just a scant amount of laundry detergent.  Then into the dryer on high for about 20 min.  I tend to watch it while it is in the dryer (I don't want it to shrink too much).  Sometimes I take it out before it is completely dry and hang it over something to finish drying.  I bought 2 yards (72inches) but now have 52 inches.   When buying wool make sure you buy enough to account for the shrinkage.  The wool is now nice and thick and feels stronger.

I use freezer paper to make copies  from my templates.  Using a dry iron I press the freezer paper wax side down to the felted wool.  I use large scissors for cutting out the larger pieces.  I find that small scissors do a great job when cutting out the smaller pieces.

I have cut out 6 large pink hearts, 6 medium white hearts and 6 small red hearts.  I also cut out 1 red background and 2 white backing pieces.

OK now I'm ready to start to embroidery the roses.  I will probably do it this evening while I'm watching the bachelor  I don't know how I got caught up in these crazy reality shows but  my husband thinks I'm crazy. Lucky for me he won't be around this evening.

This is not a free design to use. I plan on offering up the pattern for purchase.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Geting ready for "MY VALENTINE" candle mat

 I use the bullion stitch to make the roses that I use for my valentine candle mats.  I will soon be offering a tutorial of my valentine candle mats.  The hardest part of the candle mat is learning to make the roses.  I found a site that offers great instructions.  Just click on the link below. Pictures of my valentine mats can be viewed on one of my earlier post.  Jan '10

Bullion stitch roses and more

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