Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Relay For Life 2011

Another successful year for our relay team.   We were able to raise over 5,000.00. Over the last seven years we have raised over 5,000.00 (gold) or 2,500.00 (silver).... not bad for a team of less than 15 members. That's our team leader Doris next to the tent.
This year the theme was "Relaying around the World."  We each picked a nationality to represent, being my father was born in Switzerland, that was the country I picked. I even had a cow bell from Switzerland that a team member brought me.
As usual we all had a great time and had a lot of support from friends that came out to help us walk the track. One of our church members came out and did forty laps around the the track, another one brought us pizza at about 11 pm and ran 8 miles on the track for us.  We had to have someone on the   track for the full 24 hours...........it gets cold at about 4 am.  We had a fire pit and played card games most of the night.

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